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Regency Pools and Landscaping

Founded in 1999, Regency Pools is a designer of outdoor luxury spaces – including swimming pools – and is part of the Regency Group Holding conglomerate: one of the state’s most established and iconic corporations, recognized for its international standards of excellence.

We design, install, and maintain luxury leisure spaces, swimming pools, fountains, and spa centers for corporate and private clients, as well as soft and hard landscaping. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in excellence, at all times reflecting the Regency name and designing to captivate and distinguish.

We are partnered with a number of high-profile companies in the outdoor luxury space sector – including Desjoyaux Pools, E-clear, and Global Light and Power LLC – to deliver unparalleled choice.

Our dedicated team is devoted to providing a quality service through every engagement, designing functional, premium, and cost-effective outdoor living spaces. Regency Pools handles both residential and commercial development projects; our portfolio includes projects from across the city, within some of Doha’s most iconic and notable developments.

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