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Regency Group Holding is one of Qatar's oldest and largest business entities.

It's one of the leading corporations in the state, with several divisions across a wide range of industries.

Through the re-investment of profits, the recruitment of talented professionals and through several joint venture schemes with leading global enterprises, Regency Group Holding offers a diverse range of services to its clients in Qatar and also to overseas companies with interests in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf.

The Group boasts a substantial turn over and employs more than 3,000 people from 34 different countries. And, with its varied commercial activities, Regency is widely recognised as a successful and dynamic regional corporation.

Ibrahim Hassan Al Asmakh-Regency group holding

President's Message

It is a pleasure for me to share Regency Group Holding's Vision with you.

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Hassan Al Asmakh-Regency group holding

CEO's Message

Regency Group Holding has a proud history, and one built on years of success.

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Regency Services

Regency Group Holding is comprised of a number of diverse companies, acting in major economic sectors including Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Hotels and Hospitality, Construction, Transportation, Insurance, Technology, Logistics, Medical Services and many more.


Career Opportunities

Regency Group Holding attracts talented individuals across a wide-range of sectors and is committed to finding and developing the very best employees.

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